Safer Swap: Cookware

Non-stick cookware is wonderful, but the coating that makes it non-stick is a serious health concern. Read more about that here.

So I use a safer option called ceramic coated cookware. This provides a great non-stick option without the harmful chemicals.

TIP: Be sure to use a reputable brand as some ceramic coated cookware contains lead and cadmium. We don’t want to trade one health hazard for another. Unlike the beauty industry, the U.S. does a great job of regulating the amount of lead and cadmium in cookware made in the U.S.

Check out this article on ceramic coated cookware here. There is also ceramic cookware (like Xtrema) which is not coated. I’ve used both, and I find it incredibly difficult to cook with the ceramic uncoated cookware – I burned just about everything I made! And it’s very expensive. 

TIP: I recommend using coconut oil, ghee, or grassfed butter when cooking to boost the nutrition of the food you’re making and ensure nothing sticks when cooking at medium and high temperatures. Non-stick cooking sprays contain additives that are not safe for our health or the environment. More info here.

You can find affordable ceramic coated cookware at Target and Walmart. The two brands I use and love are GreenPan and GreenLife.